Why Kideney Processes Are Important For Urinary System


Human body is made up of many systems like respiratory system, digestive system and urinary system. For that, Lungs and heart, digestive tract and kidneys are the center points of this systems respectively. Urinary system consist of kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra, and urinary tract.  Many times you had seen that, many people caused death due to kidneys dysfunction. Kidney failure seems a chronic disease not only in India also worldwide. Hence, everyone has to be knowledge about the function and caution knowledge about kidneys.

Everyone had learn about kidenys in 4th or 5th standard or by other sources. Human has pair of kidneys that is bean-shaped organs and the left kidney is located slightly higher than the right kidney. The reason is what? The right side of  the liver is much larger than the left side. Kidneys are surrounded by a adipose layer that helps them to maintain in place and protect them from physical damage. The kidneys filter metabolic waste, chemicals and excess ions from the blood to form urine.

The kidneys maintain the chemical and water balance in your body. In other words, they hold on to what your body needs and they get collect of what it doesn’t need. Further this, they send the extra water and other waste in the form of urine through the pencil-sized ureters to the bladder.

Many people might never think much about the kidneys are also help to regulate your blood pressure, red blood cell production and most important maintain body’s calcium and other mineral levels.

Let’s know about the process of the kidneys


In the renal corpuscle filtration is the movement of water and solutes from the plasma to renal tubules. Near about 180 liter fluid are filtered in human body by kidneys in every day. It means that the entire plasma volume is filtered 60 times a day. Actually, filtration is primarily driven by blood pressure in the capillaries of the glomerulus.

This process allows fluid to be pushed out of the connecting capillaries and into the Bowman’s capsule leading to the rest of the kidney nephron


Reabsorption process of the kidneys including the  removes of water by nephron and solute from the tubular fluid and returns them to the circulating blood. In other words, is the movement of water and solutes from the tubule back into the plasma. More than 70% of the filtrate is reabsorbed here.


After filtration secretion is occurred, in which the tubules continue to secrete additional substances into the tubular fluid. This is the main factor responsible for the ability of kidney’s eliminate certain wastes and Toxins. It is also important to regulation of plasma potassium concentrations and pH.


Excretion is nothing other than the end result of above Process. Kidney performs excretion process in above three steps, Which contain removing waste materials such as nitrogenous waste through the excretory system. Nephrons are center point of excretion which is the specialized structure of kidney.

Sometimes, the kidneys are unable to do their job properly. Hence, the number of health issues can occur. There are many reasons responsible for this such as blood doesn’t flow to the kidneys, tissues of the kidneys themselves can be damaged. But if follow a proper diet and meal with maximum quantity of water. Then you surely increase your kidneys life.

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